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"O'Neill, The Center Of It All." 

With more than 200 members, the O'Neill Chamber of Commerce is thriving. We are simply a “voice” for local businesses. We are committed to taking our responsibility at this critical time in our history and provide that positive business voice to help our local economy. 


Promoting the O’Neill trade area and helping our members prosper with services that provide a great business climate and quality of life 

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Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board: Trent Shoemaker - Revelation Wellness

  • Vice Chairman: Dan Krugman - Biglin's Mortuary

  • Treasurer: Joel Steinhauser - Tri County Bank


  • Bryan Hoefer - Farmers National Company

  • Dan Krugman — Biglin's Mortuary

  • Holly Cole — AseraCare Hospice

  • Joel Steinhauser — Tri County Bank

  • Kyle Sanderson - Pinnacle Bank

  • Lauri Havranek — President/CEO

  • Megan Heiss — Blush Boutique & Tan

  • Michael Hedlund - Thrivent Financial

  • Scott Poese — KBRX Radio

  • Terry Miles — Holt County Independent

  • Trent Shoemaker — Revelation Wellness

  • Val Dempster — The Evergreen Assisted Living

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