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Why Join?

Whatever type of business you may be in, there are numerous good reasons to be a part of the Chamber!

Benefits of being a member of the

Chamber of Commerce

  1. Bulk Mailing Permit - Use the O’Neill Chamber of Commerce bulk mailing permit to reduce the cost of direct mailings.

  2. Business Directory Listing - Online business directory of chamber members and a printable directory at the Chamber office for customers to utilize. You can receive a free copy of the membership directory.

  3. Shamrock Bucks - Only Chamber members can accept Shamrock dollars at their business. The shamrock dollars allow money to stay in the community.

  4. Networking - Network with local business members at Chamber coffees, committee meetings, the annual banquet dinner and more.

  5. Marketing & Advertising - Through promotions, weekly emails, monthly mailing and e-newsletter, and Facebook posts. Free listing in new member section of newsletter, free listing in our chamber member directory, free listing on our website directory, free event postings on our calendar, free to supply flyers to put in monthly newsletter. Participating in Chamber programs and events will give you the opportunity for exposure in local media.

  6. Committees - Chamber members can get involved in our committees to build connections and affect change in the community.

  7. Referrals - For customer inquiries, we can only recommend Chamber member businesses. Chamber of Commerce offices are the number one source for people to obtain information about the community.

  8. Ribbon Cuttings - The Chamber helps businesses promote their good news and grand openings of their businesses.

  9. Representation - We represent the business community through the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

  10. Tax Deduction - 100% deductible as business expense. Dues increase 5% per year.

  11. Chamber Newsletter - Receive monthly newsletter with calendar of events, what is going on in O’Neill and at the Chamber, what the Chamber of Commerce committees are doing, and other information regarding happenings in the community.

  12. Insurance - Commercial insurance discount through Chamber member independent agent.

  13. Business Perception - Joining your local Chamber can positively affect other organizations’ perception of your business, and also the views of consumers. Statistics show that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that is a Chamber of Commerce member, and 44% are likely to view those businesses more favorably according to American Business Magazine.

What does the Chamber of Commerce do for me?

  1. Connections – The business owners and operators you meet through the Chamber can be your clients and open doors to other companies to help grow your business.

  2. Business advocates – Your ability to influence public policy on common business problems becomes greater as more voices are added to advocate on behalf of businesses like yours.

  3. Credibility – Membership in a Chamber of Commerce is considered a must by the public and other businesses for your business to be taken seriously and be considered a viable player in your industry.

  4. Resources – The problems you face in business are likely shared by your fellow men and women in the business community. What better way to talk through difficulties or problems in your business than discussing with those who are walking on the same path as you.

  5. Intelligence – You don’t have time to stay on top of all the local, regional, and state issues which could impact your business, but that’s at the heart of what we do. We keep you informed so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

  6. Training – Whether it is a Chamber coffee or a seminar on improving your company’s marketing, the Chamber hosts programs to help you increase your skills in all aspects of your business.

  7. Involvement – Consumers and business owners and operators want to do business with someone who is vested in their community.

  8. Marketing – What better way to introduce your business to potential clients than through chamber-sponsored events that attract other businesses and the public.

  9. Standing – When you sit on business committees and eventually advance into leadership positions, you are seen by the public and other business owners and operators as an expert in your field.

  10. Giving back – When you give back to your community, you’re helping others, and that helps the business community become stronger. When the business community is vibrant and strong, the local economy is stronger, and that is good for all businesses that depend on consumers’ ability to spend in the local marketplace.

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