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Other Services


Post Office

The post office in O'Neill provides house-to-house delivery. O'Neill has one mail receipt and two dispatches daily.


The post office is located at 201 N. 4th Street

Wireless Access Point Installation


CenturyLink provides state-of-the-art Telecommunications services in the O'Neill area with a digital central office. CenturyLink's trained installation and maintenance personnel serve the O'Neill area, an Equal-Access Community.


Services for both residential and business include: 

  • Local telephone lines

  • Long distance

  • DirecTV (with local stations)

  • DSL (high-speed Internet service)


For all your communications needs, call Roxanne at 800-244-1111 or, on the web.


Package Delivery

United Parcel Service, Pony Express, Federal Express and DHL provide pickup and delivery services in O'Neill, as well as the U.S. Postal Service.


Locations for package drop-off include:

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