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Avera St. Anthony's Hospital

The 25-bed Avera St. Anthony's Hospital in O'Neill was built in 1952 with additions in 1976, 1995 and 2002. Facilities include an intensive care unit, surgery, cardiac care, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and swing beds. Specialists who commute to O'Neill on a regular basis serve a clinic, located in the hospital.

Avera St. Anthony's Hospital is sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters of Yankton, South Dakota and the Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen, South Dakota. The two religious communities sponsor Avera Health which is the umbrella organization for all their sponsored hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in a five state region.  

Avera Medical Group.jpg

Avera Medical Group

Avera Medical Group, a department of Avera St. Anthony's Hospital, provides its patients with a variety of services, including primary care, internal medicine, pregnancy and birth, and urgent care. 

Dr. Matthew Winkelbauer
Dr. Josh Thoendel
Chelsey Dierks PA-C


Dr. Brian Jundt

Anna Novak APRN


Dr. Barbara Gutshall
Dr. Dena Jundt
Tara Callison PA-C 


Dr. Ryan Banks
Terra Drueke APRN
Hannah Jessen PA-C
Teri Petersen PMHNP

Elkhorn Valley Family Medicine.gif

Elkhorn Valley Family Medicine

Elkhorn Valley Family Medicine is a family-friendly medical and chiropractic office, providing a full range of health services. Patient-centered medical care is focused on health promotion and disease prevention when possible, but also provides management of chronic illnesses. Acute care services with same day appointments as well as nursing home and hospital care are also available. Their chiropractors provide a conservative source of health care to promote optimal musculoskeletal health through movement-based chiropractic techniques.

Dr. Peter Lueninghoener, M.D.
Heather Pardun, FNP
N.I. Meinecke, PA-C
Jenna Kaup, APRN

Kacie Kopf, APRN

Dr. Guy Fenske, D.C.


Chiropractic Services

Eye Exam

Optomety Services

Gutshall-Kohle Eye Care

Dr. Scott Gutshall, O.D.

Dr. Jonna Kohle, O.D.

Dr. Tessa Pelster, O.D.
214 N. 10th Street



O’Neill Family Eyecare

Dr. Phil Gildersleeve, O.D.
612 N. 4th Street


Patient and Dentist

Dentistry Services

Family Dentistry & Dental Hygiene

Dr. Jon Jessen, DDS

Dr. McKenzie Brown, DDS

126 N. 5th Street


Kersenbrock Dental Care

Dr. MJ Kersenbrock, DDS

Dr. John Kersenbrock, DDS

Dr. Mary Kersenbrock Losing, DDS

430 E. Everett Street


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